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angst expose

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limited art edition
by mirko mielke

exposed by hand, developed with love
limited edition, every deck unique
get yourself an angst expose
for the street or for your wall

Angst Logo


limited art edition
by konrad braun

exposed by hand, developed with love
limited edition, every deck unique
get yourself an angst expose
for the street or for your wall

photographic deck :limited art edition

skateboard designs have always been a form of art.
the ever-present desire--before or after shredding it--
to hang it on the wall. to pay homage to the graphic,
the pro, some fine memories, or skateboarding itself.

photography plays an important role in skateboarding.
capturing the fascination of the moment and facilitating
its recollection.
neither the development and dissemination of
skateboarding, nor the pro's and the skate
companies could be conceivable without photography.
it constitutes a medium though which skateboarding
is what it is.

angst expose represents an exclusive series,
in which the skateboard becomes the medium
of photography. these photographic decks are
a tributeto the special rôle of the snapshot,
in skateboarding and in photographic art itself.

exposed angst vs. angst expose

it all works very similarly to classic photographic
technology. here, the board itself becomes the
photo paper. each deck is carefully prepared,
treated with a photoreactive emulsion, and after
drying out for 24 hours, exposed in the perfect
gloom of the darkroom. for this end we developed
a unique process, which doesn't compromise the
stability of the decks, so that the decks
remain 100% skateable.

the city itself is one gargantuan camera obscura,
a great darkroom, in which objects are exposed.
the city molds the skater, just as the skater molds
the city through his skating;
reciprocal exposure.

just as skateboarding exerts direct influence on city life,
so do the objects of the urban environment find their
direct representation on angst expose decks.
the limited art edition is devoted to the cor-relation
between photography, skateboarding, and urbanity
on a completely new level.

limited photo art

in black and white--the colors of photography
--each and every deck is individually exposed by hand.
a subtle chiaroscuro interplay of light and contrast is achieved, and each deck becomes a unique work of art.

this photographic technique may seem, in an age of
bits and bytes, obsolete. precisely because of this,
Art becomes interested in it anew. just as a needle
produces music directly and tangibly while gliding
along a vinyl disk, so too is photographic exposure
a singular and tactile activity.
just as a skateboard evokes sound from the street.